Christos Kritsidimas

Director of Legal Affairs
Nova Bus and Prevost, North American Divisions of the Volvo Group

Christos joined Nova Bus and Prevost in 2018 as Director of Legal Affairs. A seasoned professional with extensive experience in legal affairs and management, he oversees a team of legal professionals and is responsible for coordinating all legal advice with regards to the North American bus activities of the Group. Christos also supports the Public Affairs department and is part of the Nova Bus Management Committee of Nova Bus.

Prior to joining Volvo, he was Associate Director of the Legal Department at the McGill University Health Centre, where he held a number of key roles over his 10-year tenure, including Director of Governmental Affairs, Contract Compliance Officer and Special Advisor to the Executive Office.

He is also actively involved in various APTA committees, particularly the Legal Affairs one. He participates in the Buy America Clarification Working Group, and attends Legislative, Procurement and BMBG committee meetings.

In addition to being a member of the Quebec Bar Association, Christos is a volunteer board member for a foundation in his community that provides financial support to underprivileged children and he holds a Bachelor Degree in Political Science from McGill University.

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